Royal Jelly Jive

Even before they played a note I could see that Royal Jelly Jive was going to have some good energy preforming. Lead vocalist Lauren was dancing and bouncing around stage while setting up.  While normally I get a chance to look up and listen to bands before I head to shoot them. During the Off Beat Festival, there was just far to many to research.  I almost didn't even make it to The Saint Saturday, Driving home from a very cold all day wedding in south lake. Batteries low, cards nearly full, I was stopping just to retrieve a piece of gear that I had left behind the night before.  Lauren's energy during sound check combined with the band's name "Royal Jelly Jive".  Intrigued me enough to stay.  30 minutes later myself, and the rest of the crowd were all wanting one more song!   Amazing group from nearby San Francisco. I am hoping they will be back!