Felicia in the studio

I have been lucky enough to photograph many colleagues and other photographers over the years.   The other day I had Felicia Imelli in the studio.  Its always a bit intimidating photographing another photographer.  Despite being nervous herself, We had a great shoot.   Felicia is a great photographer as well.  If you dont know her, check her out here


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Bathtub Boudoir

Bath time always is a intimate thing. Normally in a small cosy room, stripped down, clean, refreshed. Bathtubs are very near the top of the list of requests I receive.  However they can be a little daunting. Bathrooms are typically quite small rooms. It makes shooting slightly more challenging, It also doesn't leave a lot of personal space to a client. which for some is the reason they eventually shy away from the idea.  For clients that still like the idea about a boudoir session in a tub, get to know your photographer. Will you mind being stuck in a small room for a while with them. Trust is a big thing, and sometimes its takes some time to get. Ask them questions, get coffee, Then decide what you want to do.

Bathtub Boudoir 122784.JPG

Boudoir, relax, be yourself, You're sexy just the way you are.

I tell people there is no right or wrong direction for wardobe in their boudoir session.  To an extent it really doesn't matter what your wearing, but rather the mood and feeling you want to invoke.  This image for instance doesn't showcase particularly revealing outfit, or a sexy/sultry pose.  Being yourself and being comfortable can be far more sexy than stripping down to show as much skin as possible.  Relax, be sexy, be yourself.

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Boudoir Questionaire

Name *
What is your comfort level regarding nudity?
Our beginning package is $300 but in some cases we have been known to work with our clients, so don't be afraid to put something here
Where would you like to have your shoot done? *
Client is responsible for arranging location of shoot, Photographer can but there are additional fees.
Shoes, Hats, Jersey's, Sexy stocking, etc.
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