What to wear for your boudoir session?

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 " I feel like I may need direction on what to wear/buy!"   I have no doubt that this is likely the most common question I receive.  The stereotypical vision some people imagine when they think of boudoir is very reminiscent of pages of Victoria's Secret. Complicated lingerie, garter belts, high heels, etc.  While I know some women that have closets full of those things. Spending hundreds of dollars on lingerie is not needed or required for a sexy boudoir session.   The first think I tell clients is to bring a few matching sets of underwear. and some high heels. something you might already have, or you can splurge and get something new.  But something you would wear again, (date night, anniversary, etc).  Next on the list would be a pair of stockings, They are simple, inexpensive and can elevate a matching top and bottom into something your husband will not soon forget. I even make it a habit of keeping several packages of stockings in my bag just in case.  Stepping away from lingerie, borrowing a button down shirt from you man, a favorite T-shirt/sweatshirt/jacket all make great items to use. They also add a personal touch letting them know its just for them.  Wrapping up in sheets, bathrobe, nightgown. There is honestly no wrong wardrobe.   However If you have an specific idea, or an outfit you really want to use. There is nothing wrong with picking it up. 

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Whether it’s complicated or simple, comfy or the first time wearing something. A suggestion I make is try them on before, (first to make sure they fit) But also to get more comfortable with whatever you are wearing.

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