Photographers and Models Part 1

Many photoshoots, and spending time with fellow photographers have been filled with conversations of likes and don't likes on both sides of the Photographer and model coin.  

Most of this advice can be applied to both parties as well.   So for everyone here goes.


1. Don't be afraid to ask to shoot.

 I have heard many times "I have been wanting to shoot with you for years"  Worst case scenario you flatter the other person, and put you on their radar.  Maybe they are only focusing on paid work, and its not in the cards for you to do that.  Politely thank them for their time, and either save up, or continue working, they could reach out to you later down the line.  If you do reach out, Try to have an idea/concept/example images of what you want to shoot.   While the response of "anything". being eager is good, but with very little knowledge of who you are and what you are interested in doing. It means a lot of back and forth that could be avoided.

2. Take yourself seriously

banner .jpg

 Make a business/public picture page on Facebook.  Its free, easy, likely all your pictures are nearby anyway.  Digging through personal selfies and family vacation, or cat photos to find a portfolio is not fun.  It also shows that you put some effort into it.  

Another great way to make a impression is use another site.  Model Mayhem, OMP, or even build a simple WIX site.  all free al simple.  Put thing up that you have, then start changing and replacing as you go.


3. communicate like they are your Boss

By no means do you have to draft a cover letter/ PTF report or address them as Sir.  However responding in a timely manor offering a better email, or messaging option,  or even a coffee meeting to discuss ideas, dates, and times.   Just try not to ask to shoot, then disappear for a few days/weeks.

4. Be Prepared 

Just like a job, show up on time, or before. Or let the other know with as much notice as possible if you are not.  Double check your bag to make sure you have brought everything you need, Camera bag, or wardrobe bag,  Bring walking shoes, sometimes meeting places are a starting point for a location.   Extra cards or touch up makeup.  Things we hope to not need, but are grateful when we do. 


2nd part of this post coming soon.