Pocket Wizard Overview

PW small.JPG

I am not going to list a bunch of stats and charts about the performance of each unit.  that you can find elsewhere.  I am just going over the pros and cons of the family of pocket wizard products. What there is to like, dislike and Tips to get them to work at the top of their game.  


I have used a lot of PW's in my time.  to attempt to make this easy to follow I am going to list the Pros and cons for each unit separately.  


Pocket wizard classics

While they are not the most ergonomic of the wizards, they do still have 16 channels. which was more then the standard pluses for a while.  While the batteries are annoyingly triple A's. they are a cheap and perfect wizard for a studio mono head.  can be found cheap on ebay, and taped or permanently attached to a strobe so that you don't have to keep plugging and unplugging things .


Pocket wizard Plus: 


Again, cheap online, and now that the New PW X is out it is getting cheaper and cheaper.  Great unit to pick up when you are first starting out. 4 channels easy to change even for an assistant that has no idea what they are doing. Plus, down the road, just like everything from PW, backwards compatible and a great spare  


Pocketwizard Multimax: 

My Personal favorite, But I like complicated electronic gizmos. If you are need of lots of channels, or firing remote cameras.  They can delay, sniff out the clearest channel, and so much more, including one of my favorites easily switch groups of strobes to change the look of your shot, or fire different groups in order to speed up your recycle time.   However, they take some getting used to, I still keep a quick use guide in my bag just in case. 


Pocket Wizard Flex:

I do enjoy these units, and they do have the ability to do some pretty amazing stuff.  Again once you get used to how they work, and how they need to be turned on.  I love the low profile direction PW took on these.  They have nearly as many options as the Multimax's, However to access most of it, you need to plug them into a computer. Which is kinda a drag when you are going from event to event. I am excited to see where PW goes with the next version of these guys.  


Tips for all wizards, For distance and reliability.  Keep them 4-6 feet off the ground. Keep them isolated from the light stand, try not to let it hang against metal.  The antenna should point up, Despite my want to point the transmitter at the receiver like it was a remote control.   So before I get all long winded, or reminisce about some PW stories, I will close.  If anyone has any questions drop me a line I would be happy to answer them if I can.